Luxury panels for interior decoration

Why metal panels?

Steel is 100% recyclable

Long life

Sustainable transport

Quick and easy installation

Our panels are sustainable objects, whose stregths can be summarized in:

  • They are made of stainless steel, a recyclable material.
  • They are perceived as delicate and refined objects, while having extraordinary resistance and durability.
  • Their flexibility allows efficiency and savings in yransports and storage, thanks to the shipping of large size panels rolled up.
  • They can be easily installed, no need specific infrastructures.

Metallic partitions for ethereal decorations

Elegant, finely processed engraved room dividers, made of extremely thin stainless steel. An idea to exquisitely pursue decorative lightness, allowing designers to explore new directions and create exclusive environments.  

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Privacy Screen-Caino Design


"Semi-transparent" steel screens to set the mood

Enhance your privacy by choosing high-end, tailor-made space separators to achieve intriguing plays of light and shadow in addition to metal reflections. 

Customized screens integrating decorative engraved metal sheets and self-supporting frames can be perfect items to create glamorous settings. 

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Light up your life

Aurora-Caino-Design-Pepe photography


Be your own light designer

An engraved metal disk conceived so you may shape your "unique" lampshade by hand. The Aurora Lamp is innovative, its flat design comes to life in your hands. You buy it in a flat pack and then quickly and easily assemble it to achieve the shape you like best.

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Decorate your lights

If you like to change, let's wear something new! A lighting system based on the integration between exchangeable, large, super-thin engraved steel plates and LED technology. The result is a spectacular light, suitable for meeting rooms, hotel halls and any other stylish setting.

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Interested in bespoke solutions?



Our products bring your ideas to life

Are you thinking of customizing space dividers to fit your own interior decoration projects? Our special metal screens are used all around the world to enhance hotel lobbies, shop windows, design showrooms, corporate offices and luxury residential projects.

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Looking for inspiration?


Stylish suspended dividers and room partitions, allowing your projects to explore new directions: wafer-thin, but featuring the resilience of steel, the may be joined or customized in a number of ways.

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A cool post-modern style or warmer luxurious finishes? You can order engraved metal panels in natural steel or have them coated with different techniques: painting, galvanic treatment and digital printing.

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