Eden is a very fine and delicate floral pattern, characterized by a precious, high-end look. Use the screen’s intrinsic properties to cast fabulous patterns as light streams through their fine structures. This is equally effective in either natural or artificial illumination.

The MePa Eden panel, with its irregular edge, is also available upon request in modules, which can be joined by eyelets to create a continuous surface.

MePa “Eden” won the IIDEX Silver Award in September 2013 in Toronto.


Material: glossy stainless steel, thickness 0.3 mm

Standard sizes: 48x247 - 48x270 - 48x293 cm

Although in large format, panels are easily shipped to destination rolled into cardboard cylinders.

Custom sizes and finishes on request.


Design: Takorabo, 2011


Variant MePa Eden Continuum 

This allows joining two or several Eden screens. Applying metal eyelets along small overlapping zones you can achieve a stunning continuous look! 


Size of two joined panels: 96.5 x 234.5 cm. It is possible to add other modules, 47.7 cm wide.

Caino Design | Eden
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Caino Design | IIDEX Canada Award
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