About Us


Our History

The Caino Design brand was created in 2011 to meet a challenge: converting technical industrial know-how to produce new design objects.

Looking beyond to invent new forms of expression resulted in the creation of amazing metal engraved room dividers. This was the beginning. 

Mainly focused on interior design projects, we have worked with architects, interior and product designers, finding out interesting applications for our products. We gathered experience and are increasing our expertise every day. This is the present.

The Vision

Since our senses are stimulated by the things we like, why not make beautiful objects by exploiting the characteristics of metal? We can effectively mix shiny and satin surfaces, represent high-resolution linear and bas-relief designs, even create peculiar 3D shapes by playing on the metal’s flexibility.

This is how we feel. We like our engraved steel sheets to be the result of technological processes, combined with creativity and aesthetic pleasure.

Meeting your expectations is our purpose.

The Recipe

Looking at different cultures and traditions, we are glad to be part of the stunning world that is design.

Co-operation, pursuit of excellence, attention to details are the keys.

Always available to customize products for our clients, we strongly believe that manufacturing in Italy is a real plus. Taste, manufacturing skills, innovative technology aimed to achieve ground-breaking, stylish solutions are our ingredients.