About MePas

Can you custom-make the MePa collection's steel panels?

Yes, we can do it for most of the patterns. Max. panel width is 58 cm, max. length 350 cm. Please verify custom size technical feasibility.


How long does it take to produce a standard MePa collection panel?

4 weeks for standard steel finish, 7 weeks for other surface finishes, excluding holidays.


What maintenance do metal engraved panels require?

In most cases engraved screens just need to be dusted. Fingerprints or stains can be removed with a soft cloth dampened with water or non- aggressive liquid detergents. Do not use rough and abrasive sponges as they contain grit that can irreparably damage the panel’s surface. If necessary, use specific steel cleaning products following the manufacturer's instructions. 


What about the maintenance of painted steel panels or panels decorated with finishes other than the standard steel finish?

Never clean them with acidic products such as bleach or hydrochloric acid, solvents, alcohol and specific metal cleaning products. 


Never use tools that could scratch the panels’ surface such as rough and abrasive sponges, as well as adhesive tape since they contain grit and glues that can irreparably damage the panels’ surface.


How do you hang steel engraved screens?

Engraved panels are so light they can be hung to the ceiling using simple tensioners, steel cables and clips.

Likewise it's also possible to have them fixed to the floor.

Other solutions for installing the screens can be provided according project requirements.


How do you connect two squared MePa collection panels?

By using specific steel connectors allowing them to be joined vertically and horizontally, in whatever combination. 


Can you manufacture custom metal panels?

Yes we can, upon supply of the vector file with the desired pattern. Technical feasibility must always be verified.

As a supplier we do not take any responsibility on the pattern's property rights and use, which are exclusive responsibility of the customer ordering the goods.


What is the maximum feasible size for a custom engraved metal panel?

Max panel width is 58 cm, suggested length up to 300 cm. Further length to be verified and approved according to project specifications.


How long does it take to manufacture a custom-made panel?

6 weeks from design approval for a standard steel finish. Another 3 weeks for other finishes, holidays excluded. 


Can you engrave screens in metals other than steel?

Yes we can, materials and patterns to be evaluated according to specific project requirements.


About Aurora

Is it difficult to shape the Aurora disks?

No, it's easy. Be careful, gradually pull while turning the disk until you achieve the desired shape. Once the plate has been deformed it does not return to its initial state. We recommend you proceed with care to avoid undesired deformations.


Do you have any recommendations for hand-shaping the lampshade?

Aurora disks are made of thin sheets of metal. Careless handling may cause light abrasions or scratches. We therefore recommend you always wear protective gloves when handling the disks.


Have you tried every possibility of shaping Aurora lampshades?

We have only tested some of the achievable shapes and showed them in our photos. You can test your creativity achieving very different forms. For inspiration in shaping, please visit our YouTube Channel.


Will the lampshade's achieved shape last forever?

In principle yes, but you can also change it to obtain a new look for your Aurora lamp. Always remember to disconnect electricity before touching and modeling the metal lampshade.  


Can the modeled metal disks be assembled with an electrical hanging device not supplied by Caino Design?

Yes, this is possible if you exclusively use certified electrical components and three-pole cables, and have them fitted by qualified personnel.


Is it possible to assemble more than one metal disk with an electrical device? 

Yes, if you stay within the weight limits prescribed for that device.


What kind of lamp holder can be used for hanging Aurora lampshades?

A metal pendant lamp holder, E27 light bulb fitting, double ferrules.


What kind of electricity cables can be used?

Cloth coated cables with three individually pvc wrapped copper wires (positive, negative and ground).


What kind of bulbs do you recommend?

We recommend energy saving bulbs, max 57W, E27